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    Agent Sander's Room


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    Agent Sander's Room

    Post by O.W. on Mon 19 Aug 2013, 23:12

    (OOC: This is a room template for active users on the site. you may furnish it as you please, just don't go to the extremes. Thank you and have a nice day.)


    Re: Agent Sander's Room

    Post by Guest on Mon 02 Sep 2013, 00:28

    Agent Sanders enters his room with a sigh, his Vector submachinegun slung over his right shoulder, nursing a bad headache. He rubs his temple with one of his hands as he shuts the door behind him, in far too much pain to entertain anything or anyone. The floor is lightly covered with a grey carpet, and the agent's footsteps and angered mutterings are heard by no one as he makes his way to his bed.

    Sanders carefully unslings his weapon and sets it down on his medium-sized bed, before sitting down next to it and unlacing his boots. With that done, he stands up and begins unstrapping the Blacksuit he had worn for his most recent mission, before carefully folding  and storing it in one of sealed storage units embedded in the concrete walls. The agent made a mental note to return his weapon to the armory once he had finished his business.

    Across the relatively small room, there was a small reading desk built into the concrete wall. Upon it lay countless books, ranging from strategic manuals such as Sun Tzu's "Art of War", to reflections and spiritual texts, such as the Bible and Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations."

    A small crucifix hangs from a nail embedded into a wall. Below it, written directly on the wall in permanent marker by Sanders himself, are the words: "Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war."

    Sanders considered taking a well-deserved rest, but decided he would finish weapon maintenance first. It wouldn't send the right message if he returned the weapon in it's current condition. Sighing, he bent over, reaching underneath the bed for some cleaning lubricant and a fresh rag. He took the weapon, checked to see if it was still in safety mode, and begun his cleaning, whistling a jody call as he did so.

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