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    Angel's Room


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    Angel's Room

    Post by O.W. on Mon 19 Aug 2013, 23:17

    (OOC: This is a room template for active users on the site. you may furnish it as you please, just don't go to the extremes. Thank you and have a nice day.)

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    Re: Angel's Room

    Post by [Angel][Kappa42][Lucky7] on Sat 26 Sep 2015, 14:41

    [Room Description]

    Per agent's request, room is located on top floor; floor accessible only by badge access via input within elevator security panel. List of allowed entrants controlled via remote computer access controlled by agent and agent's superiors.

    High Ceiling. Ceiling is constructed from sturdy, military grade, transparent, one way material. Sky can be seen from interior of room, but from exterior of building, surface is reflective and cannot be seen through; providing maximum privacy for occupant.

    Walls are painted industrial slate gray, mostly covered with various monitors transmitting security feeds, cam feeds from around globe (selected / controlled by agent), and assorted feeds ranging from television broadcasts to agent's vital signs; both mechanical and human.

    Main source of light are the thin lighted panels going along the circumference of the room where the ceiling meets the wall. Panels emit a muted blue light that provides enough illumination to safely navigate room; but not enough to provide adequate lighting for activities that don't involve an illuminated screen such as reading a book.

    Back left hand corner of room holds generic black desk, covered in assorted gears and tools; as well as general human first aid kit materials such as bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and various tablet-form medications. Small reading lamp sits on top of desk, providing warm golden light to surface of desk only.

    Next to the desk is a plain, queen sized bed with a black blanket and about 8 pillows of assorted shades of blue and grey. Above the head of the bed are assorted firearms affixed to the wall for easy access. Due to Foundation protocol for this agent, all firearms are currently unloaded; as all ammunition is to now be kept within site armory; and only accessed by this agent if approval is received from agent's superiors.


    "We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.
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    We believe in facing that fear no matter what the cost to our comfort, our happiness, or even our sanity."

    - Dauntless Manifesto

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