Hey there guys, Angel here. My alias on youtube is MissShadowLovely. Now it’s time for you guys to help each other. [This site is not affiliated with the Official SCP Wiki.]

New users look towards agent files for a good place to start, once there you can make a character. The mods will give advice on how to have your character fit in with the others.

    New User Guide:

    Lola Nova

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    New User Guide:

    Post by Lola Nova on Mon 26 Aug 2013, 19:02

    Hello and welcome to the new and improved Data Expunged.

    I, Lola Nova, will be your guide for today’s little expedition. Now keep your visitor’s pass visible and facing outwards. Oh, and stay with the group or else you will be mistaken as a trespasser and you will be shot on sight.

    For all new to roleplaying in general, I will drop you off here (http://www.wikihow.com/Roleplayhttp://www.wikihow.com/Roleplay) for the basics.

    Now, while tubby over there gets his shoes tied, I’ll recap a quick history of this roleplay form. In the beginning, Ms.ShadowLovely (who controls the character Angel) started a youtube account to read SCP files, and once she had enough fans interested, she started this RP group. The last version of Data Expunged was…looked down upon by the original SCP Foundation Wiki because a few of the people who joined quickly became Mary Sues and ruined it for the rest of us. Back then, we were all new to everything, and when I say everything, I mean writing, roleplaying in general, the Foundation universe and it’s “Non Canon” Canon, heck, only half the people there have actually read the Foundation Tales. After approximately a year roleplaying on different sites, practicing my writing and reading skills, talking with some amazing writers, and getting to know and becoming friends with the mods of this site, we’ve realized where we’ve messed up and what we needed to change.

    The biggest issue the main site had with Data Expunged, was the tone. Like I said earlier, we were way too silly. The mods, the ones with the blue names, have come to the conclusion that we need to wipe the site’s old canon breaking, Mary Sue filled past to make room for the new, canon rule abiding, realistic roleplay. Well, as realistic as a secret organization keeping the world safe from creatures that live for no other purpose than to kill and/or destroy, items that can allow people break the rules of space and time, and numerous other things that can cause the inevitable, fire and blood filled destruction of the Earth can be. I don’t see why you’d want to, but if you /really/ want to
    read the old stuff, we saved a few and put it under the Non-Canon page.

    Check out these Foundation Tales to get the tone we are going for:
    Though, if you want to start something with a more comedic tone, there is comic relief that come in the ways of things like this:

    “ The Foundation has a very specific tone. Remember, the Foundation is serious business. It exists to prevent all manner of hideous things from happening. The employees of the Foundation are highly intelligent and are to be taken seriously. It’s the same thing that you have to remember if you were writing an SCP report - tone is everything. If your character is an incredibly distinguished scientist, their tone and manner of speech will reflect that. That’s not to say that they don’t have their downtime, but when they’re reacting or responding to something, tone is everything.”

    How to join:
    Make an account.
    Read the “Things you have to know before you make a character”
    Make a character file.
    Wait for MOD approval.
    When you are approved, you will get a room under “living area” and are cleared to RP. (If you have been approved, but don’t see a room, message one of the mods and we’ll get on it. Don’t worry, we don’t bite… ok there was that one time, but-)

    The Home Page

    You see those little tabs that tell you how things are organized? Use ‘em. Say your character is talking with another one and they both leave to go to a lab. You, the writer, will wait until the other person to post a link. The first one to leave is the one responsible for making and linking to the other thread.

    Don’t know where to start? Try one of the break rooms or labs. Remember to read through what’s going on and make sure your presence doesn’t interrupt anything.

    Want to start a thread? Do it! You will pretty much have to set the stage. Aim to make at least 3 of the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.
    “Where” and “When” are a must.

    If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or just want to say “Hi,” message the moderators. Like, all of us. At the same time. And that about wraps up the New User Guide. Thank you for your cooperation, coffee and doughnuts should be right on the other side of the door, not too far from the water fountain, unless someone I specifically told not to eat them did.

    ~Yours truly, Dr. Lola Nova

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    Re: New User Guide:

    Post by O.W. on Tue 27 Aug 2013, 14:35

    O' Brave New World! (New set of Rules and regulations for The Data Expunged Universe of SCP.) -
    Hello all, some of the newer faces here probably won't recognize me, pretty much everyone else should. My alias is O.W. I have been around this site since the beginning. I left for a long while due to the simple fact of everything becoming stale..now I'm back! after getting my personal role play off the ground, I have decided to bring some of my own experiences to this site and hopefully change it for the better. First off, we need to start with the basics. Here I'm going to post some rules and tips for some of the newer members appearing on this site. Considering that a lot of trouble has been sparked up due to new members trying to do their own thing and getting bitched at by others. so here we go!

    1. Before posting in character, be sure to post your thought out character in the agent files section of the forum. Once this is completed and and you have been accepted by a moderator, you may start posting away!

    2. Please attempt to refrain from using profanity, we do have a language filter yes, but it does begin to get annoying when every other word is whited out.

    3. Please keep the amount of characters you control to a minimum, this site currently isn't equipped to deal with multiple characters assigned to one account. use a different text color for their dialogue. DO NOT MAKE THE ENTIRE POST IN A DIFFERENT TEXT COLOR! trying to read bright yellow on a dark background is already hard enough without the text being a good few paragraphs.

    4. Please make all NSFW interactions have meaning. whether you're using drugs, getting a little personal with the opposite sex, or whatever wets your whistle, make it have value. We do not tolerate someone using drugs just to use them, or having sex just to have it. Shock value posts are not cute, they are detrimental to the site as a whole and make us look bad to outsiders.

    5. do not link video in serious threads, if it's something fits well (i.e. music) please link it in an OOC thread.

    That's all I have for now people! If anyone wants to make suggestions to add on, please just send me a private message on the site. I will be on for a few hours just setting some things up for some possible arcs to get this site rolling again, so stay tuned!

    It wasn't until days later that Iceberg got the chance to try and investigate the rather cryptic message. Gears had mentioned nothing more about anything he had said in the hospital, and Iceberg had found himself deluged with paperwork and solo testing. He had barely spoken to or seen anyone for nearly two days, and finally decided a little investigation might break up the tedium. It took only a little prodding to find what he was looking for, but it took more time to process:

    "As you are now, so once was I
    As I am now, soon you shall be -
    Prepare yourself to follow me."

    Iceberg sat alone in the deepest bowels of the underground site, surrounded by mounds of neatly typed records of horrors and atrocities, and tried very hard not to feel cold.

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