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New users look towards agent files for a good place to start, once there you can make a character. The mods will give advice on how to have your character fit in with the others.

    Things you have to know before you make a character:

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    Things you have to know before you make a character:

    Post by Lola Nova on Mon 26 Aug 2013, 19:06

    All characters must be original. No one can make a new account for senior staff, or SCP of any kind unless they can prove they are THE original author. SCP can’t have their own profile, but you are welcome to use them as long as they are in character, according to the wiki file.

    Places Foundation members are not recruited from:

    • D CLASS
    • From a high school or secondary school
      -Sorry kid. I know you’ve spent your entire life as part of the Church of Broken God, battling and capturing various creatures and humans to be ceremoniously sacrificed, and defected to the Foundation to escape your own inevitable demise, but you just not qualified to be an agent/researcher. Do you even have your associates degree? Go back to school kid.

    Speaking of Age, one of our big issues in the past was powerful people being extremely young. Just a show of hands, who would be pissed off if after 6 or so years of college, 5+ years working at a site, some emotional 16 year old becomes your boss?
    This is why I have made a little formula to help you all choose the ‘correct’ age for your character:
    18+(The amount of time it takes to get your degree)+(The amount of time it takes to get to the position you have/want)= Character’s Age
    For Security Guards and Agents, it’s assumed that they’ll have a bachelor's degree, but it is ok if you substitute that time with the amount of time the have served in whatever military they served for. For Doctors, you’d obviously have to get a doctorate, which is about eight years, plus time working on internships and such.
    If you can give me a convincing argument on how this character is qualified for the job with a high schooler's age, your in.

    -Already recruited Foundation members can be affected by experiments, and have irreversible physical and/or psychological damage due to said experiments, but no one can be recruited because of being in said experiment.
    -It is ok for them to be recruited as a result of an incident, but not an experiment.

    If you want something that doesn't fit these parameters (ie: you want to have an anomaly or something different) you may talk to the mods and we can figure something out.

    Character Template

    (Feel free to add anything that you feel is need for your character)

    Clearance Level:
    Job Description:

    Physical characteristics
    Body Build:

    Bio: (When, How, and Why your character was recruited. What special skills does your character possess? Just make sure it makes sense. Check the Wiki for more ideas.)

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    Re: Things you have to know before you make a character:

    Post by Lola Nova on Mon 28 Apr 2014, 12:35


    SCP-682 has been overused and, in all the mod's past experiences every character who has had any contact with SCP-682 and survived started an unhappy trend of characters that 'acquired powers' from the beast and has essentially turned them into overpowered jerks. The writer of SCP-682 created it to cause never ending fear of possible death of your favorite character. A death in which any part of the body that touched the creature's skin has melted off because of the corrosive chemicals that is consonantly being pumped in it's tank, and is still on it's skin. A death that usually implies 682's throwing your melting character into it's mouth and it's teeth piercing straight though your character's deteriorating muscle tissue and breaking their bones into shards ripping though their body, thus injuring them further until 682 decides to either consume them or let the bleed out on the floor wheezing from having bits of their rib cages ripping though their thin flesh sacks called lugs and allowing them to drown from their own blood filling up these thin tissued sacks.
    This is what's suppose to happen.

    For this safety of your characters, we mods have agreed not to not use SCP-682 in anymore roleplays.

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    Re: Things you have to know before you make a character:

    Post by Thomas Michael Hood on Sun 22 Feb 2015, 15:37

    I actually heard somewhere in the main Foundation site that they don't actually terminate D-class personnel 30 days after hiring them, since there wouldn't be enough people to keep the supply going if they actually did that. They just say that to new recruits for non-D-class positions (MTF agents, scientists, department heads) so the new guy doesn't feel bad about killing former death row inmates in experiments he/she is overseeing.
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    D class

    Post by Doctor LOC on Mon 23 Feb 2015, 15:45

    Actually they normally give them mind erasers and do another test, or if they really feel generous they give them mind eraser and dump them in the middle of no where. That doesn't mean they don't kill them it just means they don't always kill them. Understand?


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    Re: Things you have to know before you make a character:

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