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    Field Researcher: Lola Nova

    Lola Nova

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    Field Researcher: Lola Nova

    Post by Lola Nova on Tue 27 Aug 2013, 19:40

    Lola Nova:
    Level 2 Field Researcher
    Closely works with recovery teams to covertly study and may assist in the eventually capture of possible anomalous creatures. Between missions, she studies already known SCP's in their natural habitat.

    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4’10”
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Black
    Build: Athletic

    Lola Nova was found by Foundation agents during recon of the Prometheus Labs incident. Some how escaping the blast, she was later found washed up and unconscious on the side tributary that flowed from the former lab. She was quickly taken into Foundation custody and treated for a concussion, minor amnesia, and, considering the explosion, minor burns, scrapes, and bruises. Records show she did work for Prometheus Labs, though she has little to no knowledge of her previous projects. But due to her passion for Cryptozoology she thinks her work was on 'something to do with that.'
    Dr. Nova gratefully accepted the Foundation's job offer. Upon graduation from junior researcher a year a go, she has been newly accepted for a transfer to Site 19 as a field researcher.

    Note from Dr. Spheres, whom she was trained under.
    “Lola Nova may be bossy, suborn, sarcastic, and easily agitated, but her curiosity, passion, and quality for her work makes up for it ten fold. When your back is against the wall, physically and metaphorically, you'll want her on your side.”
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    Re: Field Researcher: Lola Nova

    Post by Codename: Cadaver on Sat 31 Aug 2013, 19:01

    I'll green light you, offically
    Lola Nova

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    Re: Field Researcher: Lola Nova

    Post by Lola Nova on Mon 23 Sep 2013, 07:48

    [Recently uncovered file from the Prometheus Labs accident.]

    [Note: The following is a rewritten version of a damaged document recovered from Prometheus Labs in regards of Project Perfect Memory's Product MBVDD982, now classified as SCP-1223. Fire and water damage has made parts of the document unable to read.]

    Project "Perfect Memory"
    Product MBVDD982
    Experiment DPF33-8-42


    Adding byproducts of Product YYC88 to [Damaged]
    with the circuits. It leaves no visible tr-[Damaged]
    bits of sodium chlorite not able to, though[Damaged] fields such as images[Damaged]
    having adverse effects on test subjects, ultimately failing to recall any memo-[Damaged]
    Effects start immediately and grow exponentially unt-[Damaged]

    Personnel that have been working closely with the results have been slowly forgetting [Damaged]
    most closely related to what the photos of the event [Damaged]
    Ms. Nowakowski stated that some of the pictures could have never been taken at the time o- [Damaged]
    she is one of the most affected by Product MBVDD982 and will continued to be monitored for[Damaged]
    is Lori'ella. He then proceeded to stare blankly at Ms.Nowakowski until she unplugged the picture frame.

    As of this time of writing, everyone on the Gold Team has been having trouble remembering names of not just each other, but family members.

    It is imperative to find the cause of these effects to reverse the memory loss of the gold team.
    [Great amount of damage]

    As best summarized by Ms. Lori'ella Nowakoski, "We just made the exact opposite."

    [Note: Dr.Nova has disclosed that her name is an abbreviated version of Lori'ella Nowakoski and had changed it upon recruitment to the Foundation.]

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    Re: Field Researcher: Lola Nova

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