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New users look towards agent files for a good place to start, once there you can make a character. The mods will give advice on how to have your character fit in with the others.

    Things to know before you make a Group of Interest Profile:

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    Things to know before you make a Group of Interest Profile:

    Post by Global Occult Coalition on Wed 28 Aug 2013, 16:38

    Now, this is going to be a bit different compared to making a character profile. There area few things that you need to do to qualify to make a profile on a group of interest, or a member of a group of interest.

    1) You must know what the group does, what they have, and what they can do. Basically familiarize yourself with the groups lore, you can do this by checking the main SCP wiki site under Groups of Interest then checking the documents with the tag of the group under it. You don't want to get the GOC confused with the CBG.

    2) You must have an agent profile for 6 months to a year, and that account must be active for that amount of time. You cannot make a profile, roleplay for three months, leave for a year, then come back and make a Group of Interest Profile.

    3)Your profile must be OK'd by at least three mods.

    4) If the group of interest already has a profile (ie The Church of the Broken God, Are We Cool Yet?, Nobody), you must ask the permission of that group to make a profile for either a member or a new on for the group.

    Note: It's easier to control an individual than a group, keep this in mind.

    If you reach these qualifications, then there area few things that make being part of a Group of Interest kind of cool:

    1)Some groups aren't trying to completely oppose The Foundation. Groups like the Unusual Incident Unit of the FBI have worked with, and give help to, the Foundation. Even the Global Occult Coalition helps the Foundation at times, even if they have opposing philosophies. Keep this in mind when making a group.

    2)Your group isn't the Foundation, so you wont have the same lingo or goals. Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. want to capture SCPs, but only to sell to the highest bidder. The Church of the Broken God worships the SCPs as literal pieces of god. The GOC wants to destroy SCPs, and they don't even call them SCPs at all. Try to keep this in mind so you don't accidentally just make an 'evil' Foundation.

    3)Some groups use SCP's as weapons. Are We Cool Yet? is most known for this.

    4) Some groups have made SCPs. Are We Cool Yet?, Wondertainment, and The Factory are some of the most notable. However, their reasons for making SCP's vary from group to group, they do not all make them just to mess with humanity.

    5) Some groups are known for being made up of only civilians. The CBG has no links to the US military for instance, while the GOC has ties to the UN. This means that not all members of the groups have fire arm experience, or are meant to fight in combat at all.

    This list is just a generalization of some of the traits of the various Groups of Interests, if you want to learn more go to the wiki through the link I provided above. Other than this, treat making a Group of Interest Profile as you would an agent profile, but think of it more as information the Foundation would have on the member of this group.

    Group of Interest character Template

    (Feel free to add anything that you feel is need for your character)

    Job Description:

    Physical characteristics
    Body Build:

    Bio: (Information the Foundation has on your character, this depends on how much you want the Foundation to know. Must have a basic of at least 6 sentences. Check the other Groups of Interest files for inspiration)

    Current controlers of Groups of Interests:
    Are We Cool Yet? (Zorua)

    Global Occult Coalition (Yuki)

    VonKraft (Smith)

    Church of the Broken God and Dr. Wondertainment (Zeke)

    Nobody (Connor)

    Oblivion (himself)

    If you'd like to join one of these groups, PM the account or the said Moderator.

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