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    The Director

    The Director

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    The Director

    Post by The Director on Thu 29 Aug 2013, 19:33

    Name: Alex
    Alias: The Director
    Group: Are We Cool Yet?
    Occupation: Bringing life to the various forms of film and theater
    Job Description: see occupation

    Physical characteristics
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'9"
    Body Build: Slightly chubby
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown

    Bio: I am the great Director! My name? It is unimportant at this moment, and every moment after this. All you need to know is that I am a god of films and play, a king of script and actors, a marvel of the true forms of visual story telling. For those of you reading this, it is obvious that you have had to see my work before. Among my titles are ████████████, ██████ , and the retelling of Scorsese's beautiful ██████ ███████████. Of course, this also means that my films have been less than I would hope... This troubles me, and I see that I must re-double my efforts.

    You see, my line of films is made to make the audience feel... Some of you cannot truly 'feel' anymore, and thus my purpose is clear. My purpose, a purpose that you will see soon. Very soon.

    Known anomalous objects in possession: Typewriter/ Ink
    Effects on anomalous objects: When the ink of the typewriter hits paper, in the form of short hand, any civilians, personnel, etc... marked as 'actors' in said play/film will feel memetic effect similar to basic reprogramming (mind control). The only known ways to break this effect is to either A) have the play/film end [this will allow additional memetic effects to take hold, however], or B)destroy the aforementioned scrip [through normal means of destroying paper ie. water, shredding, burning, etc...]

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    Re: The Director

    Post by AWCY? on Thu 29 Aug 2013, 20:02

    you are accepted welcome department head director

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