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New users look towards agent files for a good place to start, once there you can make a character. The mods will give advice on how to have your character fit in with the others.

    Welcome to ARC!


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    Welcome to ARC!

    Post by O.W. on Sun 26 Jan 2014, 18:39

    Hello everyone, I’ve decided to introduce a new way to tell stories on Data Expunged. This new style is simply entitled, “ARC”. What ARC provides is an advanced form of roleplay for veteran members of the site and people wishing to tell a whole story. ARC has a few simple requirements:

    1.Users who post in ARC must have at least one full paragraph per post. That means that the smallest number of sentences that may be used in a post is five.

    2.ARCs are preplanned to some extent, they are not as freeform as the rest of the site. Once a group of users decides on their ARC, other users cannot jump into the storyline unless they have explicit permission from the users who created the ARC

    3.ARC posts must use proper spelling and grammar. This means that the use of hyphens and asterisks to differentiate action from speak is NOT allowed. Users will use quotation marks to show a character is speaking. No exceptions.
    Users that fail to follow these rules can and will face Bans.

    For now, we can call the introduction of ARCs a trial. Depending on how people use it will decide if I keep it around or not.


    It wasn't until days later that Iceberg got the chance to try and investigate the rather cryptic message. Gears had mentioned nothing more about anything he had said in the hospital, and Iceberg had found himself deluged with paperwork and solo testing. He had barely spoken to or seen anyone for nearly two days, and finally decided a little investigation might break up the tedium. It took only a little prodding to find what he was looking for, but it took more time to process:

    "As you are now, so once was I
    As I am now, soon you shall be -
    Prepare yourself to follow me."

    Iceberg sat alone in the deepest bowels of the underground site, surrounded by mounds of neatly typed records of horrors and atrocities, and tried very hard not to feel cold.

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