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    [CLEARANCE LEVEL █ REQUIRED] Agent file: Codename: The "Oblivion"

    The "Oblivion"

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    [CLEARANCE LEVEL █ REQUIRED] Agent file: Codename: The "Oblivion"

    Post by The "Oblivion" on Mon 05 May 2014, 06:20

    Codename: The "Oblivion"
    Security Clearance Level: 2 3
    Occupation: Covert Field Agent, Aerial Overwatch/Transport Mobile Task Force Commander, Esoteric research conductor in hostile environment.
    Unit: Mobile Task Force Rho-8 ("Disguised Aberrants")
    Job Description: Leads a secret esoteric mobile task force specializing in covert operations and surveillance under the control of Site 19's site command. The task force specializes on special deployment deep area reconnaissance in unexplored environment.
    On-site, Agent "Oblivion" occasionally has to aid internal security surveillance.
    Specialty: MTF Deployment, Espionage, Infiltration, Intelligence
    Tactical skills applied on field: Combat + Maneuver in tactical environment, Area Reconnaissance, Micromanagement
    Status: Active

    Physical characteristics
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5ft 7''
    Body Build: Moderately slim/ agile build
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Black
    Complexion: Tanned
    Distinguishable features: Constant dead eyes; metal harness wrapping his chest which allows voluntary interaction with/manipulation of digital content and/or devices, connected to the nape implant; always found wearing a black open-faced balaclava, usually worn to cover from the neck to just below the nose; metal device implanted at his nape.

    Bio: Agent "Oblivion" managed to attract the attention of the Foundation when traces of his activity were found in several logs and records during raids in properties affiliated with groups of interests (GRU Division "P" and Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.). He was quickly tracked down and apprehended by MTF ███-██. He was discovered to have had possession of a collection of anomalous objects contained in vaults. A contained specimen of SCP-718 was discovered among the collection. The "Oblivion" was captured and taken to site ██ to be quarantined, examined and interrogated. After three(3) months of detention, he was officially deemed to be non-hostile and has no affiliation with groups of interest. Background checks and record logs showed that he would make a capable member as an undercover field agent as well as a potential candidate for piloting fast aerial transport of quick response mobile task forces. The only strange occurrence being that he admitted to have expunged certain confidential information about his identity. The "Oblivion" was recruited (aged 20 years) as a field agent undergoing covert operations to carry out espionage on Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. and other underground markets.

    During incident ███████████, the "Oblivion" accidentally got implanted with ██████ on the nape. This left him temporarily paralyzed, but was not discovered by anyone of his comrades despite lying on the floor in plain view until he was spotted by Agent ██████ who noticed  and pointed him out to the group. The metal device that is now connected to the "Oblivion"'s spine has been examined and the research from the tests concluded that it has granted him the ability to entire a state of imperceptibility triggered by the lack of emotion. Only individuals and sentient creatures with psionic resistance index of 37 or greater are capable of sensing his presence. Below that will result with an effect of becoming completely oblivious of his presence, hence the codename. It exhibits similar behavior to some memetic altering objects that have been contained and researched. Tests also show that, when the "Oblivion" is experiencing fear, anyone around him will suddenly feel uneasy. This has been overlooked by site command ████ and it has been approved to return him to duty after rehabilitation. A harness has been designed, created and tested to enable Agent "Oblivion" connection to digital devices via specially designed port(s). This device (with the aid of visor HUD UI) allows him to voluntary interact with and manipulate the digital realm to a certain degree (tests on anomalous and memetic-altering devices have been denied)  and store up to eight(8) terabytes of data on the harness and fifteen(15) in external hard drives.

    The "Oblivion" became one of the youngest Mobile Task Force commanders at the age of 24 when he was assigned to lead an esoteric mobile task force (MTF Rho-8)  consisting of covert specialists and other augmented agents to serve under the direct control of site command ████ to carry out internal security surveillance, dangerous off-site reconnaissance, extractions and support in investigations.

    Scheduled amnestics are to be applied by Dr █████. It is necessary in order to maintain his mental condition and ensure that he is able to work as efficiently as possible. - Mozy

    This guy is nothing more than a useful tool. Like a multi-tool that has guns, blades, electronic keys and a computer. His extensive training, assessments and tests are the only times I ever see him living. I don't even feel sorry for the quiet creature... It's not like he's going to remember anything unnecessary. - Dr █████

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