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    Mobile Task Force Operative G6E Jason Dodridge


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    Mobile Task Force Operative G6E Jason Dodridge

    Post by EchoFourDelta on Thu 15 May 2014, 13:25

    Name: Jason Dodridge

    Clearance Level: SCL-TS4[058-SCI/354-SCI/939-SCI/940-SCI/966-SCI]

    Occupation: AMTF Nu-7 Alpha-1-1-Actual (Forward), SCP-SOD/GOC-PSYCHICS Field Liaison (Forward-Provisional - Case Designate "Sparkplug"), Special Operations Directorate Evaluation Officer (Provisional)

    Job Description: AMTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down" Alpha Company (Assault Element), 1st Platoon, 1st Squad Leader (while on forward rotation). Performs in a field liaison and advisory capacity with Global Occult Coalition PSYCHICS operatives during joint operations within AMTF's area of operations and during provisional detached duty; serves in an advisory capacity for personnel being screened for duty selection by AMTF Nu-7

    Vital Identification:

    DOB: 19820107
    Sex: Male
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 85 kg
    Blood Type: O+
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown
    CSIN: 21426-NV-9272
    Next Of Kin: Alice Erdrich

    Personal History/SRB Summary - Sealed 151200SMAY14:

    Jason Dodridge was born in rural Appalachia in ██████████, ██ in early 1982. He barely graduated high school due to a self-perceived notion toward the pointlessness in academic pursuits, and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps shortly after graduation. After recruit and infantry training, he volunteered for Recon school and completed the full Selection/Indoctrination/Accession pipeline, as well as a number of secondary schools, including the Urban Sniper, Combatant Diver, Airborne, Fleet Medical, HRST Masters, and Dynamic Entry courses, with additional qualifications noting tenth-award citations for expert-level rifle and pistol marksmanship, as well as a MCMAP 3rd Degree Black Belt with Instructor's Stripe and significant training in Krav Maga.

    Dodridge's operational record notes six tours of duty in Iraq, with each largely spent in the conduction of air and ground raids against HVTs and participation in counterinsurgency operations. He completed his second enlistment with the rank of Sergeant. Prior to his completion of a third enlistment, he caught the eye of Foundation recruiting personnel serving as USSOCOM liaisons and was offered a position with the Foundation following his departure from active duty.

    Following an orientation and indoctrination workup for Foundation duty, Jason was assigned to Armed Mobile Task Force Nu-7 in mid-2010, serving from Armed Bio-Containment Area-14 as a fire team leader. During this time his primary mission was the recovery and eradication of wild instances of SCP-939. Following a wide-scale SCP-939 population surge in Johannesburg, South Africa in early 2011 that nearly overwhelmed Nu-7, his tactical proficiency and exemplary kill record against the Keter-class organisms during the four-day engagement were flagged by the Task Force's commanding officer, leading to his transfer to Site-23 in mid 2011 and subsequent appointment as a field liaison officer to regional Global Occult Coalition assets.

    Shortly after his transfer to Site-23, he served as interim security chief and de-facto ground team leader of Special Task Force Omega-23 due to extensive background and field experience in relation to other personnel on the task force, largely composed of specialized researchers and technicians. In early 2013, restructures in existing tables of organization at Site-23 shunted a number of personnel to other sites in need of experienced operators, leading to Jason's transfer to Area-354. Follow-on liaison work saw a transfer back to ABCA-14 approximately six months later.

    His arrival back in the continental United States was deemed a suitable time for redeployment to the USSOCOM monitor unit for sustainment training and reclassification under United States military records. After completing an accelerated workup, his official cover PMOS was shifted to 0372, enabling provisional overt deployment alongside national JSOC military assets in pursuit of covert joint SCP/GOC objectives.

    After yearly leave in early 2014, he was posted to Site-17 along with a significant portion of AMTF Nu-7's assault section.

    As of April 2014, all detached assets under AMTF Nu-7's operational mandate have been redeployed to its central operations hub.

    Pre-SCP Service Decorations:

    Bronze Star (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Purple Heart - 3rd Award (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal - 2nd Award (USA>USUS>USMC)
    National Defense Service Medal (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Iraq Campaign Medal (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Combat Action Ribbon - 3rd Award (USA>USUS>USMC)
    Navy and Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon (USA>USUS>USMC)

    SCP Service Decorations:

    Foundation Star w/Combat Tags (SCP>AMTF Nu-7)
    Field Service Medal - 3rd Award (SCP>AMTF Nu-7/STF Omega-23/STF Alpha-354)
    Joint Service Medal (GOC>GOC-PSYCHICS)
    Combat Action Medal -4th Award (SCP> AMTF Nu-7/STF Omega-23/Detached Duty/STF Alpha-354)
    Honorable Service Ribbon - 4th Award (SCP>AMTF Nu-7/STF Omega-23/STF Alpha-354/AMTF Nu-7)
    Civil Defense Ribbon (SCP>AMTF Nu-7)

    Previous Units:

    Armed Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer Down" - Current
    Special Task Force Alpha-354 "Poolboys"
    Special Task Force Omega-23 "Kitchen Sink"

    Informal Behavior Typology:

    Notable predisposition towards verbal and physical aggression. Maintains uniforms and appearance to Marine regs c. 2007; sleeves folded, trousers bloused over boots. Displays predilection for duty dress; black flight suit/MCCUU FROG uniform and accompanying duty materiel. A host of identifying tattoos cover arms and upper body, all of a patriotic/military nature.

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    Re: Mobile Task Force Operative G6E Jason Dodridge

    Post by The "Oblivion" on Thu 15 May 2014, 17:05

    Approved by me. It's nice to have you back old friend.

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    Re: Mobile Task Force Operative G6E Jason Dodridge

    Post by O.W. on Sat 17 May 2014, 17:05

    Best profile I've seen. Plain and simple. Glad to see you're back, feel free to message me with any concerns you might have.


    It wasn't until days later that Iceberg got the chance to try and investigate the rather cryptic message. Gears had mentioned nothing more about anything he had said in the hospital, and Iceberg had found himself deluged with paperwork and solo testing. He had barely spoken to or seen anyone for nearly two days, and finally decided a little investigation might break up the tedium. It took only a little prodding to find what he was looking for, but it took more time to process:

    "As you are now, so once was I
    As I am now, soon you shall be -
    Prepare yourself to follow me."

    Iceberg sat alone in the deepest bowels of the underground site, surrounded by mounds of neatly typed records of horrors and atrocities, and tried very hard not to feel cold.

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    Re: Mobile Task Force Operative G6E Jason Dodridge

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