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    Bonwitt's Room within Site19


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    Bonwitt's Room within Site19

    Post by O.W. on Mon 30 Mar 2015, 18:41

    (OOC: This is a room template for active users on the site. you may furnish it as you please, just don't go to the extremes. Thank you and have a nice day.)

    It wasn't until days later that Iceberg got the chance to try and investigate the rather cryptic message. Gears had mentioned nothing more about anything he had said in the hospital, and Iceberg had found himself deluged with paperwork and solo testing. He had barely spoken to or seen anyone for nearly two days, and finally decided a little investigation might break up the tedium. It took only a little prodding to find what he was looking for, but it took more time to process:

    "As you are now, so once was I
    As I am now, soon you shall be -
    Prepare yourself to follow me."

    Iceberg sat alone in the deepest bowels of the underground site, surrounded by mounds of neatly typed records of horrors and atrocities, and tried very hard not to feel cold.


    Re: Bonwitt's Room within Site19

    Post by Guest on Mon 30 Mar 2015, 21:11

    The first thing one notices when they walk into Bonwitt's room is the piles of magazines he has stacked around his room. Peterson's Hunting, National Geographic, Times, and Popular Mechanics to name a few of his favorites. He likes to keep the old ones just in case. He has a bookshelf filled with them.
    On his wall across from his bed, is a framed picture of a the Appalachian mountains where he used to camp every summer with his friends. He can still remember off road biking with his friends during the day, and shooting the ████ by the fire at night.
    Above his cluttered desk is a pinboard where he pins cover stories the Foundation made and possible cover stories from the GOC. He likes to critique them and harp on the cover story guys after that one flaw he found that got him this job.
    And last but not least, there is a tv on a coffee table pushed up in the corner of the room.

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