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    Dr. Micheal Victor Magnus

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    Dr. Micheal Victor Magnus

    Post by Agent Zeke Greene on Tue 26 Jul 2016, 12:03

    Name: Dr. Micheal Victor Magnus
    Clearance Level: 3
    Occupation: Head of field research of site 19
    Job Description: manages all field research related operations on site

    Physical characteristics:
    Age: 98
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'4"
    Body Build: old yet surprisingly fit
    Eyes: pale blue
    Hair: light grey long wavy balding at the top

    Hometown: Leeds, UK
    Education: Multiple P.H.D.s (too many to actually list on a standard agent file)
    Military History: Magnus has got to be one of the oldest living members alive today. Despite being a level 3 for decades and having had most of scientific occupations in the foundation under his belt and lived to tell the tale, his somewhat questionable approaches and methods over the years has perpetually teetering on the edge of promotion or retirement. His theories have led to some most hotly debated arguments between other members for years, so much so that even outright acts of violence have happened to such a degree that every once in a while these "nerd fights"* have been organized into a regular event in the training areas to minimize the damage to the scientific sector and members fortunately none of them end in anything life threatening.

    *Geez I wonder who started that term? -Zeke

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