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New users look towards agent files for a good place to start, once there you can make a character. The mods will give advice on how to have your character fit in with the others.

    agent kizie


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    agent kizie

    Post by *kizie* on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 17:02

    File on agent kizie has many burn marks through out the documents inside file. There are some things that can be read witch what can be read to be put in this report.*

    the words that can be read i as follows:

    agent name: kizie

    Agent's age: 22

    Agents taskforce: *most of the page was unreadable*

    Height: 5'7

    Agents temperament: agent kizie has shown to have some aloofness to some people, but after long missions other agents say that kizie has shown some signs of being at peace with her partnership with said agent/taskforce

    Foot note 1: as of /   /   agent kizie has shown some limited form of extreme dutiablely of her body during times of great stress. It has been shown that when in this state agent can take small firearms for a short time.

    Foot note 2: when agent kizie comes out of this buriable state she becomes very weakened to the point of being open for attacks.

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    Re: agent kizie

    Post by Zorua on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 21:06

    Hi Mod Zor here
    We're going to need more info so that we can better understand what you're talking about
    Like where did she come from, what does she look like, describe the durability a little bit better, what's her agent level, what task force if any is she part of. If you can give us that we can work towards getting this character approved.

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